domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Travel to Ingesund (III)

I promised that I was going to write my experiences here, in English. I have not forgotten it... so, maybe I forgot it, I'm sorry. It's really very easy to promise things, even when you don't know if you are going to can do it (You can ask about it to the politics). The first days, my problem was with the English, You can remember that it was very poor. Now it's not very much better, but I'm less worried about it. Even if I say something wrong you are going to can understand me, and this is the important question. Anybody is perfect, if you think about Spanish, a lot of Spanish people make mistakes when they speak their language and maybe more when they write, and it's the same with English and with the rest of languages in the world. So, the important thing is the communication.

I must say that for to write until here I haven't had to use any help. Is not very much, I know, but the last time I wrote here I had to search in Google most of the things that I said. I don't speak much better, because I haven't more vocabulary, I haven't more grammar and I haven't any English lessons. But the only difference it's that I speak more, of course, I need it. Only a few people here can understand or speak Spanish, so "Sorry, I don't speak Swedish" becomes the first thing that I say to everybody. Most of the time the people is speaking in Swedish (as it's natural in Sweden) and I only can understand something when they say something in English. 

I have been in Ingesund for two months and a half, more or less. Maybe it's the moment to look back... Why not? Now I have started to write in English another time, it’s the best moment! If I wait later, maybe I'm not going to do it... Saturday to Sunday night, like the first night I was here...

Like I thought, Värmland is a pretty place, almost a paradise taken from a tale or a beautiful dream. I think that I can remember how I felt when I arrived here, in Karlstad. The bus travel from the airport and the capitol city was my first live contact with the Swedish countryside, I was very surprised because, of course I thought that Sweden was a very beautiful country... this is like a nature paradise!

Stad Park
Arvika, Stad's Park

Arvika is also a beauty place, a quiet town in the middle of the nature. The Swedish town planning style is very different than the Spanish, I don't like too much the Spanish town planning, and it wasn't very difficult to surprise me. There are very nice people here, the rest of Swedish say that in Värmland people have a singing accent; it reminds me another singing Spanish accent I know... Is not the only similarity with Galicia, this is also a country with a lot of water (maybe too much?): rivers, lakes, fjords, rain... and the countryside is also very green (now in the autumn is browner and I’m thinking that is going to be white soon...).

Arvika. Plaza
Arvika, Main Square.

Ingesunds Musikhögskolan is the smallest of the six music colleges in Sweden. It's a quiet place, but full of musical life. Is not in the centre of the town, it's almost in the forest, in the middle of nature. It's very inspiring live here (because I live close to the school, in one of the several students’ houses), it's the nearest experience with the country life that I never had. And I love it, because I always have lived in a town, in Narón, and the last years in a bigger city, in Murcia.

Na beira do fiordo

My experience is being fantastic. Come back to Spain is going to be a mixture of feelings and emotions. Of course I miss my country, my family and my friends... but I'm fine here and I'm going to miss this place. Each day, I ask me why I don't apply for the whole year... I know perfectly the answer, because I had to be more brave, I wanted to be more sure... having a second opportunity in Murcia if my experience wasn't good. The only thing that I can do is to say thanks for this opportunity. I'm going to continue using it.

PD: Really, It's too late, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I have to practise a lot and enjoy my Swedish time (not the weather, this is a question for another day)!