jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Travel to Ingesund (II)

Ingesund Musikhögskolan, Arvika, Sweden.
August 18, this is the date for my arrival to Sweden. Yesterday was July 18, so this is my last month in my home. Sorry for this time without write anything, I have no ideas to put down here. To write in English is not easy to me, it's a big challenge.
Weather is much better in Narón.
The weather here in Narón is better than in the past time I wrote. This week it’s sunny most of the day, sometimes there are clouds, but... we are in the way of them, it's natural, we can't ask for more. Last Tuesday was a very hot day; this reminded me of my days in Murcia, but spring days, not summer days because now in Murcia it's very very hot...
Karlstad, where I'm going to arrive August 18.
Yesterday I prepared my travel (and I bought also a photo camera, but that is another history). I have the train and plane tickets for my travel. Finally I'll travel in three days, it's longer than I had planned but it's cheaper and less stressful. I'll go from Murcia August 16 in the morning to Girona in an 8 hours journey in train. There I'll stay until the next day to get there I take the flight to Karlstad. It's going to be a good opportunity to know Girona, I never have been there. The second day it's time to fly to Karlstad, I'll do the same that in Girona because my plane arrives quite late. It’s another good opportunity for the tourism. With my new camera in my hand, I'll try to enjoy this experience and I'm going to share here some of this pictures.
Everything I know about Ingesund, Arvika and Karlstad it's very interesting to me. They seem very beautiful and peaceful places, also very different to Spanish places. My life it's governed by contrast, I think that is important to know the extremes to find the center, which is the most stable and comfortable place.

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Travel to Ingesund (I)

I have to improve my English to go to study in Sweden next September. So, I think that one way to it is to write my experiences in this language. This is not a conversation (conversation is the next step) but I need to remember vocabulary and grammatical rules, that I have very, very… forgotten.
In this few words I have written, Microsoft Word have corrected me two or three times, this is what I mean. For this last sentence, I asked for help to the Google Translator, my old friend… It’s a long way, but I want to follow it.
It isn't a today's photo. Narón.
Like previous days, it’s a cloudy day in Narón. July is not the best month, climatically talking in this region. People here are waiting summer, but I was living in a perpetual summer in Murcia, last two or three months. Really, it’s the first day in July with a dry ground, at the moment, it can rain later…
I’m waiting the Learning Agreement that was sent from Murcia by ordinary mail, last week (I think). Without it all my preparation makes no sense.
I’ll try to write something very often, and about many things, because it’s good for my English. If you see a mistake, SAY IT ME, PLEASE! Thanks.